Antique Mirror

The ANTIQUE MIRROR is magical. Antique Mirror decided to harness this sixth sense and put the ancient allure back into modern mirrors by restoring the hint of magic that has been taken away by modern technical perfection. This goal is achieved by playing with oxidation and by the masterful use of a “black” background, which evokes watery depths. As these techniques have evolved, abstract coloured designs have been added to transform the mirror from its original function as a “medium” of images into a decorative element that can also be used (even eminently so) to build or just enhance our environments. Ancient knowledge and an innate culture, together with modern business sense, have enabled an aesthetically “artistic” activity to be taken to an advanced industrial level. Antique Mirror “industrially” produces multiple products that are “artistically” similar but not identical. Experience and technique, motivated by high levels of creativity and imagination, have produced an incredibly wide range of possibilities for using silvered and decorated flat glass.

Sheet Size: 1250 x 2450 mm

Thickness: 4,5,6 mm

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    Collection : Antique Mirror

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